Monday, March 14, 2011

bk photo | brittany k photography | Las Vegas
I heart Faces | Sun Flares
This was taken around 4:00. My ISO was 100 and my ap was 2.8. I adjusted the shutter speed several times, but it was around 1500.
The way I got the flares in my picture was by trying to keep the light in one corner of the shot and tip the camera to mess with the angles.


kimlincoln said...

Very cute. I like the effect here and those kiddos are adorable. Great shot.

Aly sun said...

Oh, I love it. It's beautiful with all that warm light and pretty blossoms.

Kali and JT said...

Love it! Do you feel like the new camera is cutting down on photoshop editing time? How much photoshopping did you do for this one? Seriously PERFECT!

Aasiya said...

Great photo! I love the sun flare and the expression on the kids face. I need to start using sun flare more often