Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Jamison Family
What a fun day we spent together. Durning the photo shoot we stopped and enjoyed the
beautiful day that it was and had a picnic, the kids went exploring and we just had a relaxing time. It really was a great time.
Oh and by the way, this is the first shoot with my new camera.
I am kind of in love.


Anne Elisabeth said...

Lovely,sweet and fresh pictures!

Kali and JT said...

Ahh I am like jumping up and down so excited! The pictures are SO SO SO SO good! Go brittany!!!

andrea brionne said...

so cute! great job!

Dayna Jamison said...

You the bomb Brit! I am in love with these pictures!!!

Karrissa Winward said...

I love these pictures! I need some pictures of the girls together so we should do that soon!!